Collection JF Carat "Peterhof" won the Grand Prix at the 2016 St. Petersburg JUNWEX


From December 17 to January 10 in “JF Carat” salon studio - the guaranteed bonuses


Congratulation from the President of JF Carat holding Alexander Chamovskikh


Award for a contribution to development of jewelry business


New achievements of Jewellery holding “JF Carat”


Victory in the competition of jewelry in Sochi


Video: jewelry made to order


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London fixing (PM, USD)
Date: 02.06.2016
Au 2604.89
Ag 34.16
Pt 2086.05
Pd 1162.96
Exchange rates of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Rate dollar0.000.00
Rate Euro0.000.00

 Wedding rings, and plighted lovers or engagement rings.
Let's start from the beginning. Engagement rings, as an expression of their feelings and intentions, decided to give around the whole European world. But only in the U.S. and Russia they are perfectly correct, and roads. In contrast to the pure European-born U.S. will never give his beloved betrothed ring with pearls, only the distinct diamond in a ring of gold, no less than 585 may be evidence of serious feelings. Color of gold does not matter, white gold with diamonds, yellow or red, does not matter.

 Emerald rings, diamond rings, wedding rings and other jewelry.
Sales, purchases and gifts - coming 2010 will share people in the rich and poor more. Earlier, light-weight rings and earrings were the the leaders of selling, now the undisputed leader are highly expensive jewelery with precious stones.

 Fashion jewelry, manufacture of rubber molds, the development of gating-supplying system.
Once the model is completely thought out, designer should determine the number of parts necessary for its creation. In case of models for mass ornaments, each additional item leads to a complication of the process of mounting products, and this, in turn, entails extra rations and fit, increase the cost model of rubber, etc.

 What kind of jewelry are demanded.
There are a few salons in our city with the quite wide range of products. Despite the fact that the stores represented by white and yellow gold, mainly focuses on red, which is the most popular with consumers.

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New items:

Earrings with diamonds and rubies. 12 Diamonds Round-57 0,072, 2 ruby 0,64

Ring and earrings set with diamonds and sapphires 28DiamondRound57 0.18, a sapphire, 0.465, 0.24 38DiamondRound57, 2 Sapphire 0.85

Pendant with diamonds and sapphire 10Diamonds Round-57 0.08, a sapphire, 0.92

Pendant with diamonds and emeralds. 126Diamonds Round-57 0.72, 2 Emeralds 2.62

Pendant with diamonds and sapphire. 20Diamonds Round-57 0.127, a sapphire 0.165

Earrings with diamonds and sapphires. 24Diamonds Round-57 0.12, 2 Sapphires 1.08


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